We Hope This Ends Up As A 7"

by dreameater

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Joe played the drums, Jayson played the bass, and Will played the guitar. Will and Jayson butchered the vocals, whilst Ian Sadler of Emeline Studios did his best to iron out the creases. Track 5 is an interpretation of a song by Keaton Henson, we can't be taking credit for it. There is a cassette release planned through Wimp Out Records, a small label in Thanet.


released June 27, 2013



all rights reserved


dreameater Kent, UK

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Track Name: Living the Dream (Dreameater vs. The Dole)
may i awake from this half-hearted existence? aeons have passed since i last felt content with my position. i built a tower to god, and i prayed for him to answer my questions. but he doesn't listen, and i have no one left who can hear my pleas.
Track Name: No Atoms Destroyed, No Atoms Created
the island has returned, though it never chose to leave. it was me; i told the land to recede. now we're twelve months gone. shouldn't i be righting a new kind of wrong? though it's funny how arrangements of zeroes and ones still keep me from moving on. i'll set my own pace at which i'll create a state of mind a little closer to great. i see nothing has changed, at least i believe that is how i would want things to stay. i'll save my own face, forget my mistakes, and hope that one day; you'll be replaced. you can't see to relate to the things that i hate about what we became. my childish ways; you say they make you ache. for the sake of fair play, won't you please just give me some space?
Track Name: The Professor's Cat
i want to build an airtight cocoon around myself. to live in mystery, as the scientist's feline. dead to the world but not in my mind. god help the soul who perforates my one and only membrane of peace.
Track Name: My Favourite Animal is the Sun
you seem to say your brightest days have expired. that you will flicker, and fade to black. though your beacon still illuminates the darkest corner of my man-made cocoon. you will always be perfect to me. basking in your rays; i've never felt less adequate, less eloquent, or less worth than this.
Track Name: Either Way, It Might Take Seven Years
if i could rip the skin from my face, and find true anonymity from myself, then i'm sure that i would find happiness. i would tear her's off as well, to free her from sorrow. cut loose the restraints that leave us breathless. shed our skin and start looking for a new beginning; a fresh start to everything. i hope the sun will rise and dispel the shadows. so the morning may come and rid us of darkness.