No Atoms Destroyed, No Atoms Created

from by dreameater



At the time of writing, it has been 612 days. I'm sure I'll stop counting one day.


the island has returned, though it never chose to leave. it was me; i told the land to recede. now we're twelve months gone. shouldn't i be righting a new kind of wrong? though it's funny how arrangements of zeroes and ones still keep me from moving on. i'll set my own pace at which i'll create a state of mind a little closer to great. i see nothing has changed, at least i believe that is how i would want things to stay. i'll save my own face, forget my mistakes, and hope that one day; you'll be replaced. you can't see to relate to the things that i hate about what we became. my childish ways; you say they make you ache. for the sake of fair play, won't you please just give me some space?


from We Hope This Ends Up As A 7", released June 27, 2013



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dreameater Kent, UK

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